The sketching continues

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I continue to be enthralled with my sketchbook and my soul so desperately needed to have fun and let loose a bit. I adore working on paintings but sometimes I get caught up with perfection (I know I am not alone there) and become afraid of carrying on in case it all goes pear shaped. That I am sure is one of the many traits artists have (that and never having enough supplies…..).

I feel invigorated at the freedom my sketchbook affords me and how it welcomes experiments. The one I am using at the moment doesn’t have very thick paper and I refuse to start another until it’s full. So although the pages wrinkled from the watercolour I didn’t mind at all. I painted leaves using three colours only; Scarlet Lake, Aureolin and Indigo.

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If I am being honest the choice of colours was a happy accident as I experimented, and I love the colour of the greens, Indigo and Aureolin make. I think these are my new favourite colour combinations. And it goes to show you don’t need a palette full of colours to make such a variety. It’s all about choosing ones that work well together. Like I say, a happy accident.

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This took me a few hours to do, partly due to the drying time and partly due to carrying on in between cooking dinner and sorting the kids out.

It’s not perfect, but it was fun…..and that is all I can ever ask for.

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