Sunday Sketches – Sidney the Snail

Sunday Sketches Header - transparent background larger version pngIt’s been a busy week and on Friday I took the afternoon off to spend time in my studio finishing a painting that had been patiently waiting for a while. I just need to frame it and then I can put it in my shop. I then started another one which was an experiment in painting in a looser style.  Not sure if it worked, but it was fun to do.

I also created Sidney the Snail as part of of my illustration characters – I enjoyed creating him and he was inspired by the snail on my Valentine’s Card last week. I used my Kuretake watercolours again and whilst I love the colours, they didn’t really like the paper in my sketchbook – I think the paper in it isn’t the best for paints.



I hope you all have a lovely Sunday and please do check out the other Sunday Sketches entries on Alexandra’s blog.

Helen x


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    I sure hope you had a lovely time in your studio this week. Sadly, I’ve not been in mine very much this past week and need to get myself motivated and going! Oh dear me. SIdney is way too cute!! Awwww :)

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