Saturday Creative Collage Workshop

Yesterday I attended a 2 hour workshop called ‘Saturday Creative Collage’ which was held in a beautiful basement studio in Richmond. It was run by the wonderful Kate and I found it through the social site Meetup.

I have known about Meetup for a while now but never really ventured into it as meeting random strangers from the internet isn’t really my thing. However it appears that since I found it (which was a good few years ago) the site has developed and there are a lot of groups on there now which look really interesting. So I was bold and decided to give it a go.

The workshop cost £15 for 2 hours which included all the supplies plus tea/coffee and I had a wonderful and relaxing time. The subject for this workshop was a still life (which was set up) and I decided to really get out of my comfort zone and create in a way I have never done before. Using wallpaper as a background really gave the collage a head start and I had the most fun using all sorts of paper and card to create the picture. Normally I try to be more exact and lifelike, but by using collage it kind of gave me permission to experiment and work in a different way.

I really enjoyed it and would recommend the workshops to anyone. It really was a fab way to spend a Saturday morning and one which my soul so desperately needed.


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