I’ve joined an Art Group!

WIP - Tea Set

WIP – Tea Set

Over five years ago I set up an Art Group in the town where I lived and it was great fun.  However, when I moved area I couldn’t commute to my old group and then that thing called life got in the way and I never got around to joining another one (I didn’t want to form a new group as there were plenty in the area).

As part of my new creative life I decided I really wanted to be part of the art community again and was delighted to be accepted to join Ham Art Group.  Today was my first day, so to speak and I had a great time.

It was so good to spend time painting with like-minded people.  I love how we all have our different styles and how we all paint in different ways, yet can learn so much from each other.

So for my first week I decided to continue with a painting I started some time ago.  I am losing my way a bit on this as I need to be more definitive……I mustn’t be afraid of being bolder!

I am very much looking forward to thinking about what I am going to paint and excited to be in an environment where creativity is in abundance.

I am already looking forward to next week…..!

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