Collaging Fun!

Yesterday Daisy and I spent the afternoon collaging.  It was a coldish day weather wise, the sky was a flat, uninviting grey and it felt like a stay at home kind of day.

I have a drawer bulging with all sorts of papers to be used for collaging…..tissue paper, magazines, wrapping paper, watercolour paper which I have painted on, calendars etc. Basically anything that can be used goes in that drawer. Armed with a bundle of papers, glue and card we sat at the table and just played about.


Daisy created a garden scene and I picked a photo I had taken of Lands End in Cornwall some years ago as inspiration for the picture.

There is something extremely therapeutic about ripping up paper, getting the glue out and sticking to card. Like most people I think it takes me back to being a child and to be honest, what’s not to like about that.

I decided to be a bit more experimental in my colours and all in all I am quite pleased with it, especially as the last time I collaged was at an art workshop I attended in June last year. It also made a refreshing change from painting which does me good. Collaging has an unpredictability which I admit at first I found a bit unsettling as I am used to sketching things out in either pencil or paint, but I had an idea in my head on how I would approach it and I just had fun.


And every now and then when a hint of uncertainty of where it was heading crept in I said the words ‘I am enough’ just to quash that self doubt.  If you’ve not seen this video from Marisa Peer then I highly recommend it – it really has changed my way of thinking.

Anyway, I hope you have had a great week and that your Sunday is a relaxing and happy one.

Helen x

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