The sketching continues

FullSizeRender (3)

I continue to be enthralled with my sketchbook and my soul so desperately needed to have fun and let loose a bit. I adore working on paintings but sometimes I get caught up with perfection (I know I am not alone there) and become afraid of carrying on in case it all goes pear shaped. That I am sure is one of the many traits artists have (that and never having enough supplies…..).

I feel invigorated at the freedom my sketchbook affords me and how it welcomes experiments. The one I am using at the moment doesn’t have very thick paper and I refuse to start another until it’s full. So although the pages wrinkled from the watercolour I didn’t mind at all. I painted leaves using three colours only; Scarlet Lake, Aureolin and Indigo.

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If I am being honest the choice of colours was a happy accident as I experimented, and I love the colour of the greens, Indigo and Aureolin make. I think these are my new favourite colour combinations. And it goes to show you don’t need a palette full of colours to make such a variety. It’s all about choosing ones that work well together. Like I say, a happy accident.

FullSizeRender (2)

This took me a few hours to do, partly due to the drying time and partly due to carrying on in between cooking dinner and sorting the kids out.

It’s not perfect, but it was fun…..and that is all I can ever ask for.

In love with my sketchbook again

Freesias in a jug

Lately painting has become a challenge. I am currently in the middle of a painting and I am at that ridiculously annoying stuck stage… know the one… are itching to finish the painting but are worried about ruining it, knowing you need to add more details but are a bit unsure of how much to add……and so you just stop. And it sits there looking at you, teasing you to finish it and the longer you leave it, the harder it becomes. Well I am at that stage.

I do have other ideas for paintings in my head but I know that if I start another picture then the other one will not get finished and be resigned to the dreaded drawer only to be recovered in years to come.

So I am stuck.

The good news is that the creativity urge is still there so I dug out my sketchbook, dusted if off and started to have a play about with free abandon. It was incredibly refreshing to splash paint around and not be precious about the outcome. That really is the joy of a sketchbook and it helps shake off those gremlins and gives you the confidence to have another stab at the incomplete painting.

What’s even better is that I have fallen in love with my sketchbook again and it was about time too!

Saturday Creative Collage Workshop

Yesterday I attended a 2 hour workshop called ‘Saturday Creative Collage’ which was held in a beautiful basement studio in Richmond. It was run by the wonderful Kate and I found it through the social site Meetup.

I have known about Meetup for a while now but never really ventured into it as meeting random strangers from the internet isn’t really my thing. However it appears that since I found it (which was a good few years ago) the site has developed and there are a lot of groups on there now which look really interesting. So I was bold and decided to give it a go.

The workshop cost £15 for 2 hours which included all the supplies plus tea/coffee and I had a wonderful and relaxing time. The subject for this workshop was a still life (which was set up) and I decided to really get out of my comfort zone and create in a way I have never done before. Using wallpaper as a background really gave the collage a head start and I had the most fun using all sorts of paper and card to create the picture. Normally I try to be more exact and lifelike, but by using collage it kind of gave me permission to experiment and work in a different way.

I really enjoyed it and would recommend the workshops to anyone. It really was a fab way to spend a Saturday morning and one which my soul so desperately needed.


Blue Vase – a work in progress

Blue vase WIP

I regularly flit from acrylics to watercolours and then occasionally oils, and at the moment acrylics are calling me. I am in the midst of painting a still life I set up a while ago and it is most definitely proving a challenge.

I adore the colours of the blue against the vibrant pinks – a colour scheme destined to stand out on a wall – and I am having a blast painting this. It’s all very much a WIP but slowly I am getting there.

Happy Sunday to you all.


A makeover

New palette

Over the last couple of months I have made some changes to my website as it was due a complete overhaul and unfortunately there were a few technical problems as in I lost the majority of my blog posts!  Annoying I know!  I guess that was telling me it’s time to start afresh!

I am really excited at the new website and super excited to be able to add in more work, prints, cards and homemade items to my shop. I’ve lots of ideas and projects in the pipeline and I can’t wait to get stuck in!

With the new website I have decided to not stock or list any of my old work but to create pictures that truly represent where I am at with my art now. I have a back catalogue of photographic images I took years ago, and haven’t included them as I believe it’s time for a change. Out with the old and in with the new!

Hope you all have a lovely long bank holiday weekend and manage to fit in some creativity time!


Today has been about cake!

It’s been a cake filled day which has involved baking a Red Velvet Cake, a Lemon Drizzle Cake and Pink Cupcakes.

I needed them for a photography shoot my lovely husband was doing for my website….so it was a mad frenzy of baking all morning in between fitting in other stuff I had to do, icing them and then leaving him to photograph them.

Very much looking forward to seeing how the pictures come out but in the meantime I am off to eat this one – I think I deserve it!

I’ve joined an Art Group!

WIP - Tea Set

WIP – Tea Set

Over five years ago I set up an Art Group in the town where I lived and it was great fun.  However, when I moved area I couldn’t commute to my old group and then that thing called life got in the way and I never got around to joining another one (I didn’t want to form a new group as there were plenty in the area).

As part of my new creative life I decided I really wanted to be part of the art community again and was delighted to be accepted to join Ham Art Group.  Today was my first day, so to speak and I had a great time.

It was so good to spend time painting with like-minded people.  I love how we all have our different styles and how we all paint in different ways, yet can learn so much from each other.

So for my first week I decided to continue with a painting I started some time ago.  I am losing my way a bit on this as I need to be more definitive……I mustn’t be afraid of being bolder!

I am very much looking forward to thinking about what I am going to paint and excited to be in an environment where creativity is in abundance.

I am already looking forward to next week…..!

A time for change


It’s been time for a change for a long time now. I have decided that my old blog on blogspot is my past and my transition to WordPress is the start of my new creative life.

I believe the Holstee Manifesto says more than I can ever say, and I read it every day. It is a reminder to follow our dreams, do what we love and most importantly, live our life.

I hope you will join me as I live a creative life doing the things I love.