Being the student


My wonderful husband bought me a years membership to Glyn Macey’s Acrylics Workshop a few months ago and at the weekend I did my first painting.

Every two weeks Glyn posts a new video in which he paints a scene and demonstrates lots of useful tips and tricks. I’ve never been a lover of ‘painting-along’ with artists…..not sure why, but it’s just not been my thing, however, I love Glyn’s work – I have two of his paintings at home – and he has such an easy going way that it’s like you are in the studio with him.

So this weekend I did my first paint-along and oh my, was it trickier than I thought. ┬áI had already watched the video so knew that to expect, but it took me a while to get used to stopping the video whilst I painted. ┬áInitially I tried to paint really quickly until I realised that I could pause it for as long as I liked (yep…daft eh), and eventually I got into the swing of it.

My first scene was that of London and I was utterly surprised at how it came out. Normally I would be trying to paint every single building which I would find quite intimidating so I enjoyed this abstract approach.

I have a frame lying about so decided to put it in there so that I could see how it looks, as framing and mounting a picture gives it space to appreciate it – almost like it allows it to breathe.

I really enjoyed this exercise and I am so pleased I have this membership as I need to stretch myself and learn more. I want to develop my own style and try new ways of painting and most of all – it was such fun!


All set up ready to go….


Mid-way through




All finished!160501-20160501-IMG_7859

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