Being the student – Venetian Sunrise


My third Glyn Macey tutorial was a picture of a Venetian sunrise. It’s strange but I knew straight away when I saw the picture, before I had even watched the tutorial and before I sat down to paint it, that I would find this one extremely challenging.

I felt right out of my comfort zone, which is not a bad thing…..actually, no, it’s a good thing, as that is when we really learn.

In all the tutorials I have done so far there is always a stage when I think this isn’t going to work and this painting was no exception. Actually quite often when I paint a picture I feel this….so I was grateful to have the safety blanket of Glyn’s step by step process.

There is a video clip doing the rounds at the moment of the great late David Bowie talking about pushing yourself as an artist and he likened it to being far out in the water where your feet are barely touching the ground and it’s at that point that you are in the place to do something exciting. I felt a bit like that at some point.

I completely enjoyed the tutorial and relished the colour palette. I loved using such bold and vibrant colours and creating a painting in a way which is different to my normal style and approach. I am also grateful that Glyn is mixing it up a bit, giving us challenges with different types of scenes, colours and techniques. The joy in these workshops is that you get to try lots of things you may not normally have thought of and see how they fit. I think that is just the best, I mean, what a great way to learn.





Have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday.

Helen x

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