Being the Student – Fishing Boat


Painting number 5 in my Glyn Macey’s Acrylic Workshop was of a fishing boat. Now I love drawing and painting boats. I have absolutely no idea why, especially when I am not very good at painting water – so I tend to paint them moored (a big, BIG cop out I know!), but they appeal to me – I think it’s the shape I love.

However I am not too good at water and have never really liked my paintings which included the sea. So although this tutorial had a boat, it also had water and people (albeit it simple silhouettes) which meant I was going to be a little bit out of my comfort zone.

I have a new found love of Pthalo Blue –  I was stupidly put off it when I did a 3 day art course in St Ives some years ago whereby the teacher wasn’t keen on it (I since found out that she painted a lot of flowers so I guess it made sense) therefore she didn’t encourage anyone to use it, which I now find daft as we were painting the sea outside on the rocks by Porthmeor beach…it would have been perfect.  Anyway after that I chose to leave it out of my palette until a couple of years ago. And now I love it. So imagine my delight when I had to add Pthalo Green to the mix – wow – these colours have a real punch.

I am a cautious painter, as in I like to build up colour which can be frustrating and also can muddy the paintings a bit. So my eyes were wide when I saw the glorious blue and green mix and it was with trepidation (and with my breath held) that I painted the background with a DIY paint brush. And although it wasn’t an old beaten up paint brush (like Glyns), I was pleased with how it worked and how the colour sang from my paper.

I was amazed at how the sea came to life using Glyn’s techniques and enjoyed using the collage too. I have tried using collage in the past with varying degrees of success, and I am learning that subtlety is the key.








I really do recommend Glyn’s Acrylics Workshop and I love the fact that I can complete a painting in one sitting and know that I have learned heaps in the process.

Hope you have had a lovely Bank Holiday and have a great week.

Helen x

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