Being the Student – Autumn Barn


It’s time for painting number four in my Glyn Macey’s Acrylic Workshop tutorials and this one really appealed to me. I love this type of composition and I also loved the subject matter too.

I am gradually getting better at laying down loose washes or using my brush to make marks which are less controlled. I am trusting more that this will be okay even when I look at the painting and wonder if it WILL look semi-decent once I’ve finished!

I was talking to my husband about this painting and how I wouldn’t normally have the confidence to use old netting to make marks on my paper – it’s too unpredictable. I told him how I would be apprehensive, possibly even a little fearful of using this method half way through a painting as what would happen if it ruined it? What if I got so far and it all went wrong due to the lack of control over what I am doing. And then it hit me as I was telling him, that this is why my paintings are too ‘neat’ at times. I need to colour outside the lines more. To enjoy the spontaneity of using different materials to make marks with. I mean I have an old biscuit tin filled to the brim with things to make marks with – all of them barely used. I kid you not when I took it down from the shelf, I had to dust the lid of the tin.


So I love the fact that I am encouraged to add more life to my work. It is only a piece of paper after all (even if you have just spent the best part of half an hour painting on said paper and liking it) it still is only a piece of paper on which you can start again. Therefore the way I see it, every mark made on my paper using any tool I like is a progressive step.



There are many things I want to get out of these workshops but one of them is to loosen up more and be more expressive. And would you know, I feel like I am actually getting somewhere – the real test will be when I attempt one of my own paintings!

Happy Sunday to you

Helen x

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