A new painting


I truly believe I am a continual student. I adore learning, taking new courses and reading all manner of books. I am always looking for new painting techniques to stretch myself as an artist. I crave the excitement of new paints, new colours and new ways of adding colour to a canvas. I feel utterly reassured with acrylics that I can paint over something which doesn’t look right and either start again or just remove the thing which offends my eye. And then every now and then I fall back in love with where I first started off – with watercolours.

I painted these leaves from an idea I had in my sketchbook a while ago. I played about with a new colour combination and really liked the mixes they produced. Eventually the sketch called to me again and I decided to create a painting from it.


I hadn’t used this paper before and I found that it gleefully soaked up the colour, allowing me to really get a strong contrast in colours.

I hope you like it and it is now over in my shop waiting for a new home. Below are some WIP shots as I don’t know about you but I always love to see people’s work in progress. I am sorry some of the lighting on these are not great – I was impatient and took pictures as I went along regardless of the light!






Happy Friday  and have a lovely weekend.

Helen x

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